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Why We Re-main The Best

Before we delve into why we are a leader in Kings County, among other areas, let’s take a look back at 2020.  December is a good time to look back at the year in “Re’s”.  It is a time to re-flect back.  We started out the year being asked to re-main inside and quarantine.  While inside, we took time to improve our re-sources and skills.  We improved ourselves through increased education, increased knowledge, increased our connections and increased our expertise.  We increased our re-solve.  COVID-19 was a horrible experience, however, we are a re-silient society and found the positives in a very, very bad situation.  We re-grouped, re-focused, re-charged and re-stocked so that we could be re-energized and re-surge to re-main on top in 2021.  The rest of this blog will help you re-alize all the ways being in quarantine has actually been a benefit to both us and you.

Now on to the top four reasons why we are still the best cheating spouse Private Detectives in Brooklyn, NY.

  1. State of the Art Equipment. We have been updating our equipment these past few months.  While our previous equipment was still very good, we took it up a few notches.  Let’s take a moment to delve into Infrared cameras.  Infrared photography follows the concept of capturing light (infrared light) that is around us but is impossible to see with the naked eye.  Infrared cameras capture images in the dark.  Most cheating takes place in a night time situation.  We have taken the time to upgrade our equipment so that better images can be captured at night.  So, say there is a cheating husband situation in Gravesend.  We can get those hard to capture night images of him cheating, but now with new technology the photos and video are even clearer than before.
  2. Pre-surveillance. Outside the PI world this is not discussed much.  However, it is a critical part of a successful surveillance.  This phase involves the research and planning before the actual surveillance starts.  It all begins with listening carefully to the client and extracting pertinent details so that a successful action plan can be set up.  We ask the right questions so that we can be successful in getting the best possible results and ultimately get the subject on video or in photos.  It involves doing the computer research prior to the surveillance and visiting the site prior to the start to put a good plan in place to achieve success.  So, for example, if your wife in Bensonhurst is not being faithful, we can get the evidence you need.
  3. Knowledge and Experience. This is when the action plan is put into play.  The goal is to blend into the environment and become invisible so that at the right moment we can get that “money-shot.”  We have years of experience and know when to move and when to press record.  It comes with handling thousands of cases over a long period of time.  It comes with lots of practice.  Trust us, it is much harder to conduct surveillance than you think.  If your partner in Manhattan Beach seems to be straying, we can take a look and see what’s going on.
  4. It is so important to keep up in our field.  We have spent the previous “2020 Covid-19 Year” learning new methods of investigating.  We have been reading and improving our skills.  We have been learning more about OSINT resources directly from the leaders in the field.  We have been learning new ways to use our databases.  We have been investing in new equipment and new surveillance techniques.  We have been making new valuable connections and strengthening old connections.  We have been listening to podcasts, attending webinars and reading tons of books, magazine articles and newsletters to improve our skills as investigators. This way if you suspect an infidelity situation in Sheepshead Bay, for example, we can help you even better than before.

Now it’s your turn to re-member to call us when you need a Private Investigator in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, NYC, Bronx or Connecticut.  We are re-ady, willing and able to help you in 2021.  All you need to do is ask.


Investigreat, LLC is a recognized full service Private Investigation Agency that is fully licensed, insured and bonded in Jamaica, Long Island City and Connecticut, handling cases in Queens NY, Brooklyn NY, the Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island NY and all of Connecticut.  Adam Dornfeld, along with his wife Terri, have been working cases from missing persons and surveillance to worker’s compensation and all general investigation services since 1992.

Investigreat LLC | Private Investigators serving Jamaica NY,  Long Island City NY,  Brooklyn NY,  Queens NY, Bronx NY, Westchester County NY, Long Island NY and Connecticut.

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