A Bronx “Tail” – A Private Investigator’s View Of Surveillance Around The Boro

The biggest reason for surveillance that comes to mind for most people is marital infidelity.  For example, let’s just say you reside in Fordham, Bronx NY, and you suspect your spouse is cheating.  You can hire us to keep an eye on them and record what they are doing to make sure they are not being unfaithful.  It is not the only reason for surveillance.  There are plenty of reasons to do so.

While marriage infidelity is an excellent reason to do surveillance investigation in the Bronx, it is not the only one.  How about your ex-partner in Throgs Neck states they are not employed and unable to pay child support?  We can perform surveillance to see if that is really the case.  We can record if they do go to a job and you can use that evidence to increase your child support payments.

Or perhaps you heard from your child or people you know that your ex-spouse in West Farms is hitting and yelling at your child during visitations and you want to take them to court in hopes of getting full custody to protect your child.  This is another reason for surveillance.

Let’s say that you heard that your employee who resides in Morrisania who is out on worker’s compensation has been working on the side.  Or perhaps they are not working, but are taking karate classes according to another employee.  You can get surveillance done to provide evidence to the court to justify no longer paying for them to be on permanent vacation on your dime.

Another example is when your teenager says that she is going to visit a friend in Parkchester but you overheard that she plans to attend a party in Highbridge with that boy you forbid her to date.  You need to make sure she is really going where she claims she is and not hanging around the wrong people.  We can do surveillance to make sure that she is being upfront with you.

As you now know, there are many reasons for surveillance around the Bronx (as well as Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and/or Connecticut).  We can help get to the truth and get the evidence you need.  Trust your gut and call us so that we can help you begin getting the answers you need in order to get the results you deserve when you take the next step.

 Investigreat, LLC is a recognized full-service Private Investigation Agency that is fully licensed, insured and bonded in Jamaica, Long Island City and CT, handling cases in Queens NY, Brooklyn NY, the Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island NY and all of Connecticut.  Adam Dornfeld, along with his wife Terri, have been working cases from missing persons and surveillance to worker’s compensation and all general investigation services since 1992.

Investigreat LLC | Private Investigators serving Jamaica NY,  Long Island City NY,  Brooklyn NY,  Queens NY, Bronx NY, Westchester County NY, Long Island NY and Connecticut.

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