Cheating Spouse in Queens, NY – 6 Signs to Look For

Coming to the realization that your spouse or significant other may be having an affair is never easy.  It can be something that seems to come out of nowhere or something allusive that has been going on for a long time.  Either way, it is a feeling that is in your gut – a nagging that won’t go away.  When that happens, and you get to the point where you can no longer shrug it off or ignore it, ask yourself some questions:

 Below Are 6 Signs to Look For If  You Think You Have A Cheating Spouse in Queens, NY

Is your parnter out late a lot? If this is something that they have always done and been completely transparent about, that’s one thing. But if they never did it before and suddenly they are “going to see a friend in Woodside” when you didn’t even know they had a friend in Woodside, NY, or perhaps they need to “drop off a coworker in Forest Hills” when they never mentioned them before – that is a sign of possible cheating to find out more.

  • Do they always keep their phone away from view, and never let you see it or use it?

    Over the past decade, people have become very attached to their cell phones.  It has become commonplace to have it accessible all the time.  However, if your partner used to leave it laying around and suddenly always keeps it in a pocket or in their hand at all times for no reason, then that is a sign.  It’s one thing where there is a logical explanation, such as “a sick aunt in Long Island City” or “waiting for a call back from a potential job in Middle Village”.  But when they are suddenly very secretive about what is on their phone or hiding it from view when texts or calls come in, or especially if it is suddenly locked and they do not share the code with you, then that is when you need to be concerned.

  • Sudden changes to their schedule. When your spouse has a set routine, such as “go to work from 8-4 in Rosedale, then home” and then one day out of the blue it changes to 8-6 because they have to work on something, but cannot tell you what or how long, that’s a sign.  If their typical day includes “stopping off at Mom’s in Flushing” on Thursdays and all of a sudden it is on various days of the week for no apparent reason, then that becomes a sign.  Pay attention to the unexplainable changes and make a note of them if you see a pattern.  Maybe they are being unfaithful?

  • Lack of intimacy. This is not always a red flag if there are legitimate explanations.  For example, a life changing event such as a death, loss of a job, depression, etc.  However, if this began for no explainable reason, then it could very well be a sign to watch for.  Of course a night here or there is understandable, but when it comes to long stretches when you and your spouse were intimate more often and then suddenly instead of kisses you get excuses, that is a potential sign.

  • Picking more fights. Everyone argues.  It’s part of every healthy relationship.  However, if it seems as if you both are always fighting over almost nothing, that is a concern.  But combined with any of the other signs above, you now have a sign to watch for.  All too often we meet with clients who tell us “we were great and then all of a sudden instead of sex all we do is fight”.  They may be using fighting as a way to avoid intimacy or being close with you.  A cheater will find ways to mentally distance themselves so they do not feel guilty about cheating on you.  If they are being affectionate to you and another at the same time, there would be more guilt involved in doing what they know is wrong.  But fighting with you will help to emotionally distance them from you and therefore make it easier to cheat.

  • They never seem to answer your calls. Ask yourself this question – When your significant other is always walking around with their cell phone in their hand, why then would they always seem to “miss” your calls?  If they always used to answer and now all you get is voicemail when you try to contact them that is a sign, especially when they are not at work.  We all know that when they are at work, it may not be easy for them to answer, but that would have been something you would be used to.  When that changes suddenly, that is a sign.  When they always answer your calls, but not when they start to go to a new place in Jamaica to shop, there may be more to the story.  Maybe there is cheating going on?

The answer to your concerns is to confirm that they are being faithful to you by hiring a Private Investigator to do surveillance.  During the times they say they are “going to work on their cousin’s yard in Bayside” to confirm what they are doing is, in fact, what they say they are doing.  This is something done confidentially – no one needs to know that you have doubts.  Just so you have peace of mind in questionable circumstances.  Once you know the truth, you will be able to either continue with confidence in your partner or do what you need to do in order to move on with your life.  When you are ready to take that next step, we will be there to help you.  It’s what we do.  Trust your gut and call us today, and we will get you the answers you deserve.

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