The Correlation between the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak and Marriage Infidelity in Queens, NY

The last few weeks have seen a huge increase in the number of stories related to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Everyone seems to be talking about it.  Store shelves are depleted of hand sanitizer in Woodside.  Stores themselves are emptier than usual in Springfield Gardens.  People are afraid to go out in public in Forest Hills.  Workplaces are encouraging workers to work from home if they can.  People are canceling vacations, and festivals are canceling or postponing as well.  People are “elbow-bumping” instead of shaking hands.  One physician has actually recommended giving people the “split-fingered Star Trek greeting” instead of handshaking.  Schools are shutting down, cruise ships are under quarantine, and nursing homes are imposing strict limitations on visitors.  Universities are canceling in-person classes, and containment zones are being created in New Rochelle, Westchester County, NY.

The marriage infidelity cases for Private Investigators have slowed down more than usual for this time of year.  We are starting to see a correlation between the outbreak of this current virus and the number of cheating spouse case requests for Private Investigations to be done.  It could be that people are not cheating as much, because they are concerned about going out and chancing getting infected with the virus.  People are staying inside their homes instead.

A few days ago, on a Sunday, we were in a casino on Rockaway Blvd in Ozone Park, Jamaica Queens, NY and there were definitely fewer people inside than what was typical on a normal Sunday.  The fear of what people are seeing and hearing in the media is scaring people into staying home more than usual.  The fear of getting sick is winning out over the desire to cheat on their partner.  People’s behaviors are definitely being modified due to this situation.  People are hesitant to hold hands, kiss or gather in public places.

As long as the virus remains a daily topic in the news, people seem to be curbing their infidelity urges.  Not many things can stifle the urge to cheat, but this outbreak appears to have put the brakes on some extramarital affairs for the time being.

However, a word of advice to those that suspect that their partner is not being faithful to them – Since they aren’t going out to cheat, pay close attention to the emailing, texting and phone calls being made.  Communication by these means will still probably continue or even increase during this time period.  If that pattern is still happening, then you should trust your gut and contact us so we can find out the truth for you in the near future.

Our hope is that there is a quick cure that enables the sick to have a speedy recovery and that economies will bounce back quickly as well.   Although sadly the deceased will not have that opportunity.  As you read this, there are people fighting to survive this terrible disease, and families are forced to pray for a miracle.  Take a moment and pray for their recovery.


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