What a Private Investigator Cannot Do In Brooklyn, NY and Queens, NY

Every Private Investigator goes on and on about all the services they can provide. For example, they can look for a missing person in Jackson Heights or handle a child custody case in Bergen Beach or they can do surveillance on a cheating spouse in Williamsburg. However, there is one thing that Private Investigators cannot do. And it is very frustrating for you both.

In every investigation the Investigator tries to answer the five (5) “W’s”. No matter if it’s a cheating surveillance in Kew Gardens or a child support case in Cobble Hill, the Detective will attempt to answer the “What, Where, Who and When” in the course of the investigation. Many times these questions are answered. However, the one “W” that investigators cannot answer is “Why”.

“Why did he cheat on me?” “Why did my sister not keep in touch?” “Why?” It is the most frustrating part of the situation that has brought you to us, the Private Investigators, trying to make sense of a confusing situation. Only the subject of the investigation can answer the “Why” part. We can provide all of the other “W” answers, but only the person we are investigating holds the key to “Why”.

Perhaps in time they will reveal the answer, perhaps not. This is where communication between people comes into play. But realistically, if a person is being unfaithful, then most likely they do not intend to tell you the truth unless they are caught. And that part we can help with. No matter if you reside in Sunnyside or Coney Island, if you need a situation looked into, such as cheating or searching for a missing person in your life, we can help reveal most of the answers you need. Once you have that information, then you will have a much better chance of getting the final answer you need, when they can no longer tell you that it is in your imagination and that nothing is wrong. Once confronted with the proof, there is nothing else left for them to say, except for telling you “why”.

Should you decide to reach out to us for your Private Investigation into the “who-what-where-where” of your situation, we will be happy to assist you in your quest for the truth. Most of all, if there is a situation that you know deep down in your gut is not right, trust your gut feelings and contact us. We can help. There is good reason why we are the best Private Investigators around.

Investigreat, LLC is a recognized full-service Private Investigation Agency that is fully licensed, insured, and bonded in Jamaica, handling cases in Queens NY, Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, New York City, Long Island NY, and all of Connecticut. Adam Dornfeld along with his wife, Terri have been working cases from missing persons and surveillance to all general investigation services since 1992.

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