Private Investigator in Brooklyn – How to Hire One

The first step is realizing that you need one.  You have a feeling in your gut that something is not right.  You can tell that you have a need because of an issue going on in your life that you need answers to.  Maybe your spouse/significant other is acting differently – coming home late, suddenly working odd hours or weekends when they never did before.  When you try to reach them on their cell, it becomes difficult – where they used to pick up right away, you are now getting voicemail.  Are they cheating on me?  Thoughts race through your mind.  Now is the time for a Private Investigator.

Once you realize that you do in fact have a need for answers – as well as a Private Investigator who is capable of helping you – you need to know how to find the best person for the job.  Follow these easy steps:

Private Investigator in Brooklyn – How to Hire One

  • Go online and search for a Private Investigator in your area – For example, Canarsie, Fort Greene, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn NY, etc.

  • When you see the list of Detectives out there, it can be overwhelming. Look for someone that has reviews and read those reviews.  They may be on Google, YP or Yelp, but read them.  Just make sure to read all of them.

  • When you narrow down your search, go with the one that seems to jump out at you and start with that company first.

  • Go to the website and take a look around. Make sure that they are fully licensed and insured.  This is how you know they are a legitimate Private Investigator/Detective.  Never go with someone that will not willingly show you their state license ID – which ALL of our licensed Private Investigators carry.

  • Call us and discuss your concerns and have a list of questions handy, such as:
      • What would you suggest be done to handle this case?
      • Approximately how many hours will it take to start?
      • How much do you charge?
      • Is this a “per hour” assignment, such as surveillance in Marine Park for example, or is it a flat rate, such as a data search to locate someone in East New York for example?
      • How soon are they able to start, given their schedule?

  • Always call more than one agency if you do not feel like they are the best fit for your needs/assignment. This is an important choice and you need to follow your gut instincts.  We speak with many educated consumers who check with more than one detective because they did not feel like they connected with them.  Most come to us because they did not feel that the other firms cared.  You should be treated as a person, not just a case.

  • Once you decide on your Private Investigator, you should be prepared with as much helpful information as possible – leave emotions out of the mix. The more tangible information you give us, the better results you will get. For example, for a cheating spouse, you should know the person’s schedule, car make/model/plate number, have a recent photo available, do they frequent certain places – for example, do they go to Greenpoint on Tuesday after work when they did not before, or suddenly go all the way to Bushwick to do laundry and not have you join them?
  • Next you need to sign a contract which will list what you need us to do for you (surveillance, data searches, etc) which will be signed and returned with the payment for your case. In most cases, a Private Investigative firm will give you have three options for payment:
    • The amount decided on is paid upfront – this allows us to give you information as we discover it.
    • The “half up front, half mid-way through the assignment” version that will also work for getting information as we discover it. You will be notified by the P.I. when they reach the halfway point in the case so that you may send the remaining amount for them to continue.
    • The “half up front and half at the end” scenario – you need to be patient enough to wait until the end to find out all the details, as you will not be able to find out until the balance is paid.

  • Once the signed contract is received along with the payment, we will now be able to begin the case (and reserve the days/times you need in the case of surveillance.) The sooner you complete this part, the sooner we can begin.  Sometimes people have a specific day or time in mind, but wait too long and that slot is taken by someone else.  The more flexible you are, the better, but if you are very limited, do not hesitate too long or that slot may not be available.

  • Once the case has been completed and paid in full, we will then be able to supply you with any information acquired for the case, including any photographs/video taken, data search information, etc. usually done at an in-person meeting at the end. However, some prefer to do everything electronically through texts, emails, regular mail, etc.  We will work within your comfort level, as any Private Investigator should.

  • Finally, be patient. While most Private Investigators are very good at what they do, they do not control what is not in their control – for example, traffic, misinformation or no activity may happen.  But remember that the more hours on a case, the better the chances of the P.I. finding out what you want.  So supply as much information as possible and follow the Investigator’s lead.

Our Investigators have put in a LOT of time doing cases such as cheating surveillance, child support or child custody surveillance, missing persons and many other cases before yours.  What you’re really buying is the Investigator’s judgement and expertise as to how to best handle your case in your area, such as Mill Basin or Red Hook for example.

We hope that you find this information helpful in your search for answers to your current situation.  Should you decide to reach out to us for your Private Investigative needs, we are happy to help.  Please visit our website at to find out how we will help you get the answers you deserve.  When you need a Private Investigator that listens and wants to help, trust your gut – trust Investigreat.

Investigreat, LLC is a recognized full service Private Investigation Agency that is fully licensed, insured and bonded in Jamaica, handling cases in Queens, NY, Brooklyn, NY, New York City, Long Island, NY and all of Connecticut.  Adam Dornfeld along with his wife, Terri have been working cases from missing persons and surveillance to all general investigation services since 1992.

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